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The Tower of London

Visit one of the most famous and historic buildings in London.

The Georgian House Hotel is a great place to stay if you are planning to visit the Tower of London. The hotel is located in a quiet and safe area of Pimlico near Victoria Station. Rooms are attractive and comfortable, the service is kind and attentive, and prices are very competitive.
Tower of London Accommodation

The Building of the Tower of London

The Tower of London has been an important part of British royal history for the past one thousand years. Here you can see the beautiful Crown Jewels, see the site of the execution of three English queens and also hear all the myths and legends of the famous Tower of London.

The Tower of London was founded in 1066 by William the Conqueror, it has since been enlarged and extended by successive sovereigns. It is now one of the world’s most spectacular fortresses, its 900 year history making it one of London’s most interesting landmarks. Once the tower begun, it remained unchanged for over a century. Here is a quick timeline of the development of the Tower:

  • 1066-1087 - The Tower of London was begun
  • 1190-1285 - Two towered curtain walls and a great moat was built around the White Tower
  • 1327-1077 - The building of the wharf begun
  • 1377-1399 - The wharf was completed

The Tower of London during the Norman Conquest

The Tower of London began as a modest enclosure built into the south-east corner of the Roman city walls. However when the White Tower was completed in the late 1070s, it was very stunning, dominating the city of London both visually and physically. Nothing like it had been seen before in England, protected on two sides by the Roman city walls and deep ditches, it was intended to protect the river route from Danish attack.

The Tower of London in the Medieval Times

During Richard First's reign, William Longchamp his Chancellor, enlarged and strengthened the Tower of London by digging a deeper ditch to the north and south of the building.. He also sections of the curtain wall, reinforced by the new Bell Tower at the south-west corner.

There were many extensions to the Tower of London carried out during the reign of Henry III. The royal accommodation in the enclosure was extended: the great hall and kitchen were improved; the two towers Wakefield and Lanthorn were built as lodgings; and a new wall was built to enclose the west side of the Inmost Ward. Later Henry had a great new curtain wall constructed around the east, west and north sides of the Tower, doubling the area of the fortress and adding nine towers with the strongest at the corners.

Edward the First completed the defensive works by adding and additional curtain wall enclosing the one built by Henry III. This curtain wall was surrounded by a new moat and pierced by three entrances.

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