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Royal Garden Parties

A famous party held at Buckingham Palace that you can only attend with an invite.

The Georgian House Hotel is a great place to stay if you are lucky enough to be invited to attend a Royal Garden Party. This famous party is held in Buckingham Palace and is easy to reach from the hotel on foot, and less than 5 minutes by taxi. Call us on Tel: +44 (0)207 834 1438.
Royal Garden Parties

Royal Garden Parties at Buckingham Party

Royal Garden Parties are held during the summer, at least three times a year at Buckingham Palace and one at the Palace of Holyrood house in Edinburgh and are attended by 30000 people.

Royal Garden Parties have been held at Buckingham Palace since the 1860s. In the 1950s the number of Royal Garden Parties held at Buckingham Palace was increased from two to three a year. The extra Royal Garden Parties took the place of presentation parties.

In some years, The Queen gives an additional Royal Garden Party to honour a large national organisation celebrating a special anniversary, such as the Red Cross or, for example, to mark the Year of the Disabled. In 1997 The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh hosted a Royal Garden Party for couples sharing their Golden Wedding anniversary (50 years) with them. In 1998, a special Royal Garden Party celebrated the 50th anniversary of the founding of the National Health Service: the guests were serving or past-serving members from all parts of the Health Service.

People from all sections of the community are invited to Royal Garden Parties, usually through organisations with lists on a prearranged quota (e.g. the Government, Armed Services, Diplomatic Corps, charities and societies) to ensure that a representative cross-section of the national life is invited. (For this reason individuals cannot apply for an invitation.)

Invitations to Royal Garden Parties are sent out by the Lord Chamberlain on behalf of The Queen, all the arrangements are planned by the Lord Chamberlain's Office. Gentlemen wear morning dress, lounge suits or uniform; ladies wear afternoon dress (usually with hats). National dress can also be worn.

Approximately 8,000 guests attend each Royal Garden Party, which takes place between 4.00 pm and 6.00 pm. The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh, accompanied by other members of the Royal family, circulate among the guests after the National Anthem has been played.

Each member takes a different route and random presentations are made so that everyone has an equal opportunity to speak to The Queen and members of the Royal family.

During the Royal Garden Parties, two bands (usually military) take turns to play a selection of music. The Queen and other members of the Royal family eventually arrive at the royal tea tent, where they meet other guests. In London, the Diplomatic Corps has its own tea tent, and in both London and Edinburgh there are tea tents for other guests.

Tea and other refreshments are served (at a typical garden party, around 27,000 cups of tea, 20,000 sandwiches and 20,000 slices of cake are consumed), from a 408-feet long buffet. Some 400 waiting staff are involved in the serving.

At about 6pm, The Queen and other members of the Royal family leave the garden, when the National Anthem is played to mark the end of the Royal Garden Party.

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Georgian House Hotel is ideally situated in a very central location, so visiting sights all over London is quick and easy. Why not book the Georgian House Hotel when you plan to take part in Royal Garden Party? You can book online or email to make a reservation on, or telephone on 0044(0)207 834 1438