Wimbledon Tennis Championships

Great London event which you can enjoy with ease from the hotel...

The Georgian House Hotel is a great place to stay for the Wimbledon Tennis Championships. You can have all the benefits of staying in the heart of London with the nightlife, sightseeing and shopping, and yet the Championships are just a short train journey away.
Wimbledon Tennis

The Wimbledon Tennis Championships in London

The line goes direct from Victoria Station to Wimbledon, and the hotel is just a short walk from Victoria Station. Rooms are attractive and comfortable, service is kind and attentive, and prices are very competitive.

This will be the 13th Wimbledon Championships. The finest players from more than 60 countries will compete in the five main Wimbledon Tennis Championships events. In addition, the three veteran and four Juniors events also contribute to the excitement for spectators o0f one of the world's greatest sporting events.

Wimbledon Tennis Play will again be scheduled to start on Centre and No.1 Courts at 1.00 pm for the first eleven days. On all the courts, the start play will be scheduled for 12.00 noon for at least the first eight days.

Demand for Wimbledon Tennis tickets has for decades exceeded supply. As long ago as 1924 the Wimbledon Tennis Club introduced a public ballot whereby a large number of Centre and No.1 Court tickets are sold in advance. Many tickets are also sold through The Lawn Tennis Association to their affliated tennis clubs, schools, membership scheme and for foreign tennis associations.

Each year there is increasing pressure on The Championships of Wimbledon Tennis to move tickets out of the public allocation but our policy has always been to refuse to do so. We believe that genuine tennis fans should have access to their favourite event and that they contribute greatly to the special atmosphere at The Wimbledon Tennis Championships.

In 1991 further measures were introduced to minimise the black market sale of tickets to ensure that tickets would be used by the people who originally bought them. Debenture tickets are the only Wimbledon Tennis tickets which can be transferred legally; all other tickets are issued to the original applicant and must be used by them. As a final check, you should ensure that the ticket has the word “Debenture” printed on it instead of the price.

We hope that you will enjoy your visit and experience another successful Wimbledon Tennis Championships.

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For more informatation on the Wimbledon Tennis Championships, vist the official Wimbledon Website at: www.wimbledon.org

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