Francis Bacon

A must visit for fans of this British surrealist artist

Regarded as a major art highlight of the year, the Tate Britain is holding a centenary retrospective of Francis Bacon’s works. Bringing together 70 of the surrealist artist’s pieces, this exhibition is well worth travelling to London for! We are situated close to the Tate Britain. Call us on Tel: +44 (0)207 834 1438.
Francis Bacon

Francis Bacon Exhibition at the Tate Britain

Francis Bacon is considered as one of the most significant modern British painters. His paintings are famous for showing grotesque and often nightmarish imagery, depicting people and animals which look mutilated and contorted.

The exhibition at the Tate Britain will show about seventy of the artist’s most important paintings, in a roughly chronological order. The Francis Bacon exhibition will be in London from 11th September until 4th January 2009, afterwards it will travel to the Prado in Madrid and then onto the Metropolitan Museum in New York.

The Lure of Francis Bacon’s Paintings

Francis Bacon was a self taught artist who only turned exclusively to painting after the end of the Second World War. Before becoming a painter, Francis Bacon was a furniture and interior designer. He became deeply interested in Surrealism and he drew inspiration from Hieronymous Bosch, Vincent van Gogh and Edvard Munch.

With such influences as these artists and their apocalyptic themes, it is not surprising that Francis Bacon’s works are very recognisable. This is due to the mutilated look of the figures in his paintings and the bold brushstrokes and very intense and striking colours that he favours on his canvases. His paintings convey raw motion, the effect caused by splattered paint.

Some people find Bacon’s work very disturbing – many of his paintings are described as having a nightmarish quality about them. This is because the figures shown within the painting look like they have been maimed, with open mouths and lots of red paint. However closer inspection of the paintings reveals that the figures are merely painted to exaggerate the body’s movements and expressions.

Bacon’s main themes in his paintings were studies of figures within an interior space. The figures he painted seem to take on amorphous forms and give the impression of being able to slip and slide, possessing curvy and bouncy skins. This contrasted with the tightly structured interior spaces that he placed them in, thereby making the figures look even more exaggerated and fantastical.

Famous Works by Francis Bacon

The exhibition at the Tate Britain will display the following paintings amongst others:

  • Portrait of Pope Innocent X – This is perhaps one of Francis Bacon’s most famous portrait, painted after he studied the portrait of the same name by Velazquez.
  • Three Studies for a Crucifixion

Make a visit to the Tate Britain and catch this exhibition of Francis Bacon’s startling works – and then decide for yourself whether you find his works disturbing or inspiring!

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