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National Gallery

The National Gallery - Inspiring and beautiful art gallery housing some of the most important artworks.

The Georgian House Hotel is a perfect place to stay if you are planning to visit the wonderful National Gallery. The hotel is located 5 minutes from Victoria Station, a very short bus ride from Trafalgar Square where the National Gallery is situated. Call us on Tel: +44 (0)207 834 1438.
National Gallery London

The London National Gallery

The National Gallery is an inspiring and beautiful place to visit for an adult, but what does it have to offer children and families? Most of us associate art galleries with hushed and reverent silence where you could hear a pin drop, certainly not a welcoming or involving place to take lively, inquisitive children. Things are different at the National Gallery though. The management have cleverly catered for all visitors and everyone is made to feel comfortable and at home. The National Gallery houses some of the world's most famous and important works of art. It is huge and holds literally thousands of exquisite paintings.

It has many different sections including the famous new Sainsbury Wing. This is a modern extension to the original gallery and houses many of the visiting exhibitions. It also holds the National Gallery's education and research areas, which are freely available to all. The Sainsbury Wing not only offers some fantastic facilities and exhibitions but is a beautiful piece of architecture in it's own right. The entrance hall is light and spacious, and the sense of peace you experience as you look up the staircase to the first floor is magical, the hustle and bustle of hundreds of visitors just melts away at that beautiful sight.

The National Gallery is a haven for adults, but nevertheless, a great deal of thought has been given to attracting young people. The best events are not on every day, but at weekends and during the holidays there are some extraordinarily creative projects for children. One involved the children looking very closely at a painting with a gallery expert, and then sketching details they liked. They then went to listen to a visiting sculptor who showed her work and talked about her techniques. After that the children were helped to use their sketches, the ideas from the painting and the ideas of the sculptor, to create their own artwork. All the materials were free of charge, as was the whole project, which lasted a couple of hours.

Entrance to the National Gallery is free excluding some temporary exhibitions. The National Gallery is in Trafalgar Square, which is 15 min by bus from the Georgian House Hotel.

Visit to find out about opening hours and special activities for kids at the National Gallery.

Georgian House Hotel is ideally situated in a very central location, so visiting sights all over London is quick and easy. Why not book Georgian House Hotel when you plan your trip to the National Gallery? You can book online or email to make a reservation on, or telephone on 0044(0)207 834 1438