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Mamma Mia!

An uplifting and popular musical - ideal for fans of ABBA!

Mamma Mia is one of the greatest and most popular musicals playing in London at the moment. If you are looking for a great place to stay why not choose the Georgian House Hotel, which gives you very quick and easy access to the theatre.
Mamma Mia!

Mamma Mia! the Musical

Mamma Mia is ABBA's greatest hits woven into 3 wonderful love stories:

  • A young girl about to be married;
  • her mother about to confront the past;
  • and the best love story of all - the audience about to jump out of their seats with joy!

Through the story telling magic of the songs of ABBA in Mamma Mia, we meet Donna, a feisty forty-something single mum, who recalls the distant memories of carefree days and careless nights whilst her daughter Sophie dreams of tradition, romance and a big white wedding.

This infectious and funny new musical Mamma Mia features 22 of ABBA's best known songs, including The Winner Takes It All, Money Money Money, Dancing Queen, Chiquitita, Voulez Vous, S.O.S, Thank You for the Music, Knowing Me Knowing You, and, of course, Mamma Mia.

Mamma Mia opened on April 6th 1999 and took the West End by storm. A musical based around the songs of Abba, one of the most successful pop bands ever, was sure to attract many fans and be a sell out success. However, after four years, Mamma Mia continues to be a smash hit musical.

When showing Mamma Mia the theatre is full and there is a buzz of excitement and anticipation in the air, obviously the audience are expecting to have a good time; they are not to be disappointed. Mamma Mia the musical bounds along with endless energy and enthusiasm. The mixture of Abba songs, camp dance routines, platform boots and Lycra costumes based around a soppy romance comedy script creates a delightful evening of sheer fun and pleasure. This is pop music set to pop culture, pure unapologetic seventies tackiness that makes for a great evening's entertainment.

The story for the musical Mamma Mia written by Catherine Johnson concerns Sophie who lives with her mother on a small Greek island. Sophie is about to be married to Sky and wishes for her father to walk her down the aisle. However, she has a problem, who is her father?

Louise Plowright who plays Donna in Mamma Mia is the star of the show. She has a great singing voice that compliments the Abba songs. Her cheeky grin, confidence and tomfoolery is a pleasure to watch. Louise Plowright was in the original cast of Mamma Mia playing the role of Tanya. She excelled in that role as she excels in this. Myra McFadyen is superb as Rosie, the cheeky zany woman who has the hots for Bill, one of Donna's ex-boyfriends. Susannah Fellows also gives a delightful performance as Tanya, the self-assured glamorous older woman who is more than able to defend herself from the immature advances of the young men. These three women are phenomenal and completely dominate the show Mamma Mia.

Mamma Mia is a great evening's entertainment, especially if you're an Abba fan. Go and have a fun night out seeing the show Mamma Mia!

Hotels for Mamma Mia!

The Georgian house hotel offers superb accommodation with a wide variety of rooms and facilities. This hotel in the heart of London, offers a full English breakfast and is in the ideal position for a theatre trip to Mamma Mia.

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Georgian House Hotel is ideally situated in a very central location, so visiting sights all over London is quick and easy. Why not book Georgian House Hotel when you plan your trip to London to see Mamma Mia? You can book online or email to make a reservation on, or telephone on 0044(0)207 834 1438