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Stomp Musical

See one of the most popular and successful musical in the West End.

The Georgian House Hotel is a great place to stay if you are planning a trip to see the Stomp Musical. The hotel is located in a quiet and safe area of Pimlico near Victoria Station, and an easy walk or short bus ride from Westminster Abbey.
The Phantom of the Opera

Stomp Musical is at the Ambassadors Theatre in West London

The show has been an international hit for many years and is settled in London for its 12th year! Of course, the musicians have changed in and out, the sets have been tweaked, sharpened, and completely rewritten, and the audiences have shuffled in and out but the consistent energy is undeniably fresh and present. Somehow Stomp continues to baffle, amuse, and inspire audiences, even after all of these years.

This musical is different than you might expect because it’s seriously unconventional. This percussion group began in 1991, emerging from the realm of street music. The shows were designed around the use of everyday ‘instruments’ that are categorically un-musical in the eyes of the general public. With fast choreography, energetic grooves, and intricate rhythms they quickly shattered any preconceived notions about what music is and how it can be created. Audiences were immediately thrilled with the humorous, fun performances and they quickly grew into the centre stage. Behind all of the shocking instruments, silly jokes, and innuendo are incredibly talented musicians who feel the beats deeply to their core. The passion for the music allowed them to amaze and engage audiences as well as develop workshops to support music educators around the world.

London’s West End began hosting Stomp in 2002 and it’s been running ever since. As they enter their 12th year it’s been a long journey but none of the excitement and passion has faded. The traditional trash bins that were iconic for the group and quick movement have been held in centre stage but are joined with a host of new, interesting instruments that are anything but expected - although they are quite ordinary. The eight performers that light up the stage play on everything from Zippo lighters to hammers; kitchen sinks to plastic bags; bin lids to broom sticks. Nothing is off limits and the effect is unimaginable.

Music transcends language and is accessible to any audience. The interesting magic to it, however, is that it’s hard to share. If someone goes to visit this amazing show at the Ambassador’s Theatre they might brag about it for weeks to come. However, it’s so hard to describe because it’s something you really have to be there to experience firsthand. The magic is in the performance, atmosphere, witty humour, fast choreography, and strong percussive drive that you can’t help but groove along to.

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